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Cryptopy offers realtime alerts based on your strategy. Your time is precious: stop wasting hours to analyze charts.
Focus on trades.

Crypto trading alert binance
24/24 - 7/7

Getting alerts

For all plans including alerts. All alerts are based on Binance exchange.

Choose plan

Packaged alerts or custom ones for advanced traders

Choose UT, type, markets

5m, 1h, 4h, 1D*
Bollinger, RSI, Drop, Pump...*
Spot / Futures

*for advanced plan

Alerts are sent to discord

Start trading

Offers adapted to your needs

Billed Monthly
Billed Annually
Discuss with other traders from the community
  • Discord Community access
Cryptopy trader
For crypto traders who don't have specific needs.
  • Discord Community access
  • Real-time notifications
  • 350+ Binance crypto analyzed
  • 1500+ pairs
  • 2 alerts included based on:
    • Low Bollinger (UT 1h)
      Pump (UT 5m)
  • Direct link to trade fast
Advanced trader
Advanced traders who wants to configure alerts based on famous indicators
  • Discord Community access
  • Real-time notifications
  • 350+ Binance crypto analyzed
  • 1500+ pairs
  • 4 alerts included:
    • Choose among indicators selection
      Choose candlestick/UT
  • Direct link to trade fast
Do you need specific alerts?


Where will I receive my alerts?

Currently, all alerts will be send to you on Discord. If you have other preferences such as Telegram, contact us

I would like to modify my alert parameters/indicators, how can I do?

contact us and we will modify your alert.
Note that after 1 free change we will request you 4€ fee for every change.

What if I subscribed and I want to stop the service?

Contact us and we will stop your subscription.

Who is behind Cryptopy?

We are 3 french persons passionnated by crypto trading since 2017.
Constance & Pauline take care mainly of technical parts, and Theo make sure we're legal compliant.

Can you give me advice with strategies?

Cryptopy is not a financial advisor, we can't tell you strategies to adopt.

What crypto exchange do you analyze?

Our alerts come from Binance charts for the moment. If you have specific needs for another platform, contact us .